My Dearest Grandma…

Where do we come from? Who is our family? Why do we feel so deeply when they leave us? We are intrinsically connected to our loved ones and family in so many different ways, and I am no different.
My grandmother (Donna Mae Blocher) died eight years ago yesterday, and I still think about her almost every single day. Much of her presence is found around me in everyday objects, like her quilts, afghans and other items I inherited from her estate.
Eight years ago (2011), I wrote this goodbye letter to her that I would like to share with you:
Dear Grandma,
I will miss you greatly — you were a light in my life and taught many things that I didn’t realize would be of use to me until recently. I love gardening, canning and listening to the stories of our elders because of you. You are in a better place now and you are not in pain any longer. I love you, Grandma.
Grandma at BYU
And here is my updated letter to my grandmother for this year:
August 17, 2018
Grandma –
It has been awhile. The flowers have bloomed and died, the trees have grown, and Papa passed away a few years ago.  I think what upsets me most now is that they sold your home. The one that you and your first sweetheart built.
Flowers from her funeral
Many things that you have still taught me are with me. My love of gardening, self-reliance, the Sonics. All of it has shaped me into who I am today and I still tell stories about our time together. Often you come into my dreams at night and it’s like I have you right back again. I know you can’t stay, but thanks for visiting me when you can.
Love, Rebecca
P.S. You are still the only one allowed to call me by my full name. XD

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