Glamourous in the Genes — An Interview with Zoe from Hollywood Genes

Since starting my blog a few years back, I've always enjoyed finding genealogists and learning more about them. I love interviewing (thanks undergrad in journalism!) and learning what makes them tick. As well as their background in family history and why it is so important to them as individuals. Today we have another one of... Continue Reading →

Genealogy in the Works : Interview with Hazel Scullin — genealogist and graduate

And we are back this week with a brand new interview in our Genealogy in the Works series. For other interviews like Being Gay in Genealogy or Keeping Grandma’s Hair – Interview with world-renowned Victorian Hair Artist click here. Today's interview is with a new-and-upcoming genealogist, Hazel Scullin. I met Hazel earlier this year at... Continue Reading →

What a year already!

Holy cow! I can't believe January is already over. This last month has been for The Hipster Historian has been busy moving, getting a new job and figuring out life. As mentioned a couple of months ago, I separated from my husband of 13 years and been moving on in life. In that journey I've... Continue Reading →

Interview with Melanie the Shamrock Genealogist

It's that time again! Here at The Hipster Historian, I love interviewing anyone who loves history, genealogy, and death positivity -- my trifecta of passions. I've interviewed DNA experts, yoga genealogists, and others; and today, we have yet another amazing genealogist, Melanie from The Shamrock Genealogist. Keep scrolling to hear about what genealogy means to... Continue Reading →

An Interview with Lori the History Yogini

Every day I learn more and more about different genealogists and those that are in love with the idea of ancestry and family history. It comes through Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and many other social media platforms. I've been able to meet so many fascinating folks and I can't wait to meet more. Today's interview in... Continue Reading →

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