Genealogy in the Works : Interview with Hazel Scullin — genealogist and graduate

And we are back this week with a brand new interview in our Genealogy in the Works series. For other interviews like Being Gay in Genealogy or Keeping Grandma’s Hair – Interview with world-renowned Victorian Hair Artist click here. Today's interview is with a new-and-upcoming genealogist, Hazel Scullin. I met Hazel earlier this year at... Continue Reading →


Death Story #1: My First Call

A few years ago, I had the chance to have a brief stint at a dream job -- being an attendant of the dead for a funeral home. Though this job wasn't for long, it gave me so many experiences that I will never forget. This is one of them. In these true short stories,... Continue Reading →

My Dearest Grandma…

Where do we come from? Who is our family? Why do we feel so deeply when they leave us? We are intrinsically connected to our loved ones and family in so many different ways, and I am no different. My grandmother (Donna Mae Blocher) died eight years ago yesterday, and I still think about her... Continue Reading →

Making a Difference – An Update

Note: This is a repost + edit of an older blog post I wrote in a previous incarnation of my blogging life in June of 2011, only about two months before my late Grandmother passed away. How many times have you seen a death certificate or vital record that lists the deceased individual had died... Continue Reading →

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