Win Tickets to the First Ever Virtual Genealogy Conference!

Something I really love about the genealogy community is all the difference conferences, webinars, and ways we learn — but, one of the things I like least about the genealogy community is how much emphasis is put on these conferences, when many cannot make it (*waves* hello) to all the conferences due to economic, family or other reasons.

If you are like me and have the above-aforementioned reasons, well, you are in luck, the Virtual Genealogical Association (VGA) has a treat for you. On November 1st – November 3rd, they are going to be launching the first-ever online genealogy conference with such speakers as Blaine Bettinger, Nicka Smith, and Katherine Wilson.


2019 VGA Conference

This is where you come in.

You want to go? I have a chance for you to win free ($59 for VGA members, $79 to non-members) registration to the VGA to listen to the plethora of amazing speakers. Just do the following:


  1. You must be following The Hipster Historian on Facebook and Instagram (+1 entry for each) and comment below when you have done that with your user name.  Each comment counts as an entry
  2. Make a comment on who you are most excited to see speaking from THIS list of speakers. (+1 entry, only one entry for this category)
  3. Sign up to be part of the VGA, only $20 for a year membership. You can sign up HERE (+5 entries). Please comment below when you’ve done that!
  4. The contest ends on October 15th and you must register by October
  5. Good luck!

Ready. Set. Genealogy!

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