Becky Campbell, The Hipster Historian

Hello! My name is Becks Campbell and I am The Hipster Historian and I am obsessed with history and documenting the lives of those who have passed.


My goal is to bring genealogy and intersectional history to the masses and younger generations keeping the love of genealogy going throughout the ages. This includes my focus on female-oriented writing and research and GLTQA+ research.

I’ve been interested in genealogy and history since my mother took me to my first cemetery as a child. I was fascinated by the stories that the dates and names on those gravestones could tell us all and was hooked from that first experience.

At first glance, I’m definitely not your typical genealogist. I’m a 30-something woman living in the PNW sipping on my tea at the local coffee shop, planning my next tattoo and searching online for that lost family member I’ve been looking for.


·Whatcom Community College (2012) Associate in Arts and Sciences

·Western Washington University (2016) Bachelor of Arts in College of Humanities and Social Sciences — Journalism & Public Relations

Please address all media and press inquiries to thehipsterhistorian@gmail.com