Kobel v. Kobel – A Family Affair

Most of my life, until I was a teenager, I hadn't heard anything about my biological great-grandparents. In fact, I assumed another couple (William Jesse Darby & Janet Elizabeth Solomon) were my great-grandparents for years, when in fact, they were the people lucky enough to raise my paternal grandfather (them below). It wasn't until my... Continue Reading →

Daniel Would Like His Horse Back Please – A Glimpse Into Recompenstion from the Confederate Army

I don't know if this happens to you, but every so often when I'm researching for myself (or clients), I come across something that makes me giggle and have to share with my followers. This one was too perfect not to. This is the story of Daniel Goodyear who lived in Cumberland County, Pa. during... Continue Reading →

George & Agnes Ran Away

As is the case in most history, the indentured, the women, and the minorities seemed to be all but forgotten. In many of these cases, I aim to bring their stories back to life, and today's story is no different. Just a few days ago, I received a package from my dear mama, containing some... Continue Reading →

The Falling Sickness of Ruby S. McComb

Note:Ruby Walker Smith did not actually write this letter, but I am presenting the information in a way that lends itself to storytelling. My Dear Readers, I wanted to take this precious time I have been given in my short life to tell you a little bit about what trials and tribulations I went through... Continue Reading →

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