What is an unincorporated community?

As genealogists, there is plenty of terms we come across that we may have never heard before. While I had come across the term 'unincorporated community' while researching the area of Pyrmont, Indiana, I wasn't quite sure what an unincorporated community was. According to the definition, an unincorporated area or unincorporated community is a region... Continue Reading →

Cemeteries of Whatcom County, Washington

After moving to Bellingham almost a 10-years ago, this little slice of the Pacific Northwest has become my home away from home. I now consider it my hometown, even though I was born in Utah. It has become my part of paradise and I couldn't imagine living anywhere else. As a genealogist, one of the... Continue Reading →

Italian Surnames: 20 Most Popular Surnames

Since I've been knee-deep in Italian research for several families (Serago, Sorrentino, Bugni, & Pescatore) I decided to take a more in-depth look at Italian surnames, their history and what they mean. Today's blog post goes over the twenty* most popular Italian surnames according to the Italian Surname Database.  While this list is by no... Continue Reading →

How’d They Find Me?

In the genealogy, world privacy should be one of our utmost concerns, especially that of our living family and selves. Recently, a post has been circulating the genealogical social media circles about a particular website. by the name of FamilyTreeNow. The text of the message reads: "I'm sharing this because the amount of information available... Continue Reading →

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