Win Tickets to the First Ever Virtual Genealogy Conference!

Something I really love about the genealogy community is all the difference conferences, webinars, and ways we learn -- but, one of the things I like least about the genealogy community is how much emphasis is put on these conferences, when many cannot make it (*waves* hello) to all the conferences due to economic, family... Continue Reading →

Glamourous in the Genes — An Interview with Zoe from Hollywood Genes

Since starting my blog a few years back, I've always enjoyed finding genealogists and learning more about them. I love interviewing (thanks undergrad in journalism!) and learning what makes them tick. As well as their background in family history and why it is so important to them as individuals. Today we have another one of... Continue Reading →

Kobel v. Kobel – A Family Affair

Most of my life, until I was a teenager, I hadn't heard anything about my biological great-grandparents. In fact, I assumed another couple (William Jesse Darby & Janet Elizabeth Solomon) were my great-grandparents for years, when in fact, they were the people lucky enough to raise my paternal grandfather (them below). It wasn't until my... Continue Reading →

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