The Hipster Historian Goes to RootsTech!

For the very first time, I will be attending the largest genealogical conference in the world, RootsTech — being held in Salt Lake City, Utah. This will also be the first genealogical conference I have ever attended (exciting!). In past years, I’ve attended other conventions (mostly Comic Cons) but this is only the second conference  in my field and passion  of genealogy + death I’ve been to.

This year I’m looking forward to classes, lectures, and meet-ups that I’ve never been to before, some of which are:



  • British Geographic Resources: an Introduction – Tahitia McCabe

11:00 AM

  • Translation & Transcription Tools for Genealogy – Thomas MacAntee

1:30 PM

  • Italian Civil Registration and FamilySearch – Suzanne Russo Adams

4:30 PM

  • General Session – CEO of FamilySearch


8:30 AM

  •  General Session – Brandon Stanton (Humans of New York)
11:00 AM
  • Call to Action: Diversity in Family History Tech – D. Joshua Taylor
1:30 PM
  • Epitaphs & Icons: Discoveries In The Graveyard – Mary Jamba

8:30 PM

  • NextGen Meetup



 11:00 AM
  • The Great War: Researching Your British WWI Family – Jen Baldwin (FindMyPast)

1:30 PM

  • An Ancestor’s Death — A Time for Reaping – Curt Witcher

 3:00 PM

  • Loose Women: Record Search for the Female Felon – Janis Forte
Included in part of this trip are a few meet-ups, some with friends and some with groups, like NextGen. What parts of RootsTech are you most looking forward to?


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