And The Winner Is….My DNA Results!

As much talk as I give to clients and those interested in genealogical and family history research about ancestral DNA tests,  up until a few months ago, I had never taken one myself. I figured since my mother, father, and three siblings (two brothers and a sister) had taken it, I knew my ancestry quite solidly. Turns out, I was dead (pun intended!) wrong. According to genealogical DNA expert Blaine Bettinger, we each carry different genetics in our bodies, unique from all members of our family.

Becky Campbell DNA

My breakdown:

  • Europe West – 26%
  • Ireland – 23%
  • Great Britain – 20%
  • Scandinavia – 13%
  • Europe East – 8%

Knowing this information, I was excited to receive my sample as see exactly how I fared. Turns out, I was different than my siblings. Even though we carry the same genetic information our percentages of what we carry from our ancestors is different (see my sisters below), which is quite a fascinating thought. Which one of my relatives did I get my information from? Was it the French-Canadian rebel or the Irish farmer, or was it a German mother?

Aimee Darby DNA

Learning this information has got me involved deeper not only in genealogy but in my personal ancestral lines. Growing up, I never had a clear sense of who I was or where I was from. My family had become so Americanized that traditions from the old country weren’t practiced anymore and I had lost touch with what I had felt connected me to my past. With my growing interest in genealogy over the years, the yearning to find out more of who I am has grown exponentially.

What happened when you took your ancestral DNA test? Share in the comments below!

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