Rescue a Missing Photo!

I’ve always wondered what happened to old and unclaimed photos — this past weekend I found out. As I was perusing through an adorable little vintage shop in Olympia, Wash., I saw some old photos for sale. Being the genealogist that I am, I couldn’t just walk away and I picked the one I felt had the most potential.

Vintage photo with a pair of vintage earrings.

I know little to nothing about this photo other than the inscription on the back, which reads:

To my always Evalene

from Alaskans

Helen and her “legal man”

Funter, Alaska

April 20, 1930

I often wonder if anyone misses the long passed in photos like these or if anyone is trying to find them. What do you do with old photos? If you know who this photo might be, please comment below so we can find it back home.

You can find The Hipster Historian on Facebook & on Instagram. #onfleekfamilyhistory



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