International Joke Day: Tree Jokes

As a long time writer, journalist and record keeper, I often come across old entries and rough drafts of online posts or stories that I’ve written. This particular one holds significance to me as it includes a personal story from when my husband and I first started dating.
This prompt came from Mama’s Kat (now Mama’s Losin’ It) and was originally posted on a former online blog Radical Geekery. Drumroll, please!
1. Share a joke that always makes you laugh
 Q : What kind of math is a tree’s favourite?
A : TWIG-onometry
Funny Joke
There is actually a story behind this joke. When I was a freshman in college, I had just begun dating my husband. Back then, we were creative in where we liked to hang out and what we did because boys weren’t allowed in certain places of our dorm rooms.
There was a small park with a couple of trees that we tended to frequent. These particular trees were just at climbing height and we liked to climb up into them and sit in the branches and talk.
One summer evening we were sitting we sitting in the trees just chatting and he looked right at me and said, “What kind of math is a tree’s favourite?”  Inwardly, I groaned slightly but loved it because this is the type of jokes my father and brothers always told growing up. When he gave the answer of “twig-onometry” I laughed really loud because it tickled me that the man I was dating was like my family. I knew he would fit right in with my family at that moment.
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