Tombstone Tuesday: Females First

Every single week here at The Hipster Historian we follow the blog prompt Tombstone Tuesday (originating from Genabloggers) and we’ve really enjoyed it — see the past two weeks here and here.

Why females? Most of the time when you find headstones, it tends to downplay the significance of the females in these worlds until very recently. In the past, female-identified individuals either shared a stone or plot with their spouse or family (if they were unmarried) and didn’t have one of their own.  The first one we will start out with today is the marker for my late Grandmother’s grave. She now has a headstone but I haven’t had a chance to go check it out.

Donna Mae Erickson
Donna Mae EricksonToday I’ve decided to focus on graves of women that I have encountered over the years. These are some of my favorites.
Elyse Christine Alper
Elyse Christine Alper
Katie Ritchie Wilson
Katie Ritchie Wilson

The next photo is my favorite because it has a particular symbol that you don’t see very often on gravestones. If anyone can identify the symbol, please leave a comment below!

Mary Ellen Ansel
Mary Ellen Ansel

Whether it be the designs, names or people, gravestones will always fascinate us as they are the last communication from the dead to us as genealogists. What are you favorite gravestones with female names? Share a link in the comments below!

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