Today is the day — Business Launch!

As some of you might already know, over the last month I’ve been working incredibly hard to build my genealogy business up to something that can get clients and produce work that both they and I are happy with.  All this hard work has finally paid off and I am proud to announce the grand opening of Life Stories Transcription Services.

Life Stories Transcription Services
Logo by Timber Cove Design

Life Stories is a genealogical and family historian website where I help you transcribe Grandma’s journals or listen to Aunt Susie talk about her time as a nurse during World War 2. With all of this my goal is to preserve the memories of your family and keep them in a format that you can share with all. With that news, you are the ones who get something special this month.

Feb 2017 Coupon

That’s right! You get 15% off of any services at Life Stories Transcription if you book your service before the end of the month. Be sure to share this with family and friends — you never know who will need it! Be sure to follow Life Stories on Facebook here and take a look at our website.

You can find The Hipster Historian on Facebook & on Instagram. #onfleekfamilyhistory


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