Records Rave: New Records @ Ancestry as of January 17, 2017

Note: This post is not endorsed nor paid for by, but is for the use of genealogists around the world to keep up-to-date on the newest records being added the database. I create these images for the use of other genealogists.

I love finding out that new records are available via and because of that, I’ve created the Records Rave posts in which I highlight the new (but not updated) records to Ancestry. Take a look below and let me know if I missed any!

New Record Database - Jan. 10, 2017

Victoria, Austraila, Wills and Probate Records (1841 – 2009)
Antwerp, Belgium, Civil Registration (1796 – 1906)
Brabant, Belgium, Civil Registration (1582 – 1914)
East Flanders, Belgium, Civil Registration (1541 – 1912)
Liège, Belgium, Civil Registration (1676 – 1700) + (1798 – 1901)
Namur, Belgium, Civil Registration (1800 – 1912)
London, England, Gamekeepers’ Licences (1727-1839) *
London, England, Stock Exchange Membership Applications (1802 – 1924)
London, England, TS Exmouth Training Ship Records (1876 – 1918)
South Africa, Occupational Index (1864 – 1918)

*Not Listed in Photo Above

Which set of records are you most interested or curious about? Let us know in the comments below!

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