Cemetery Walks

Earlier this week I was invited to be part of a walking tour through one of the oldest cemeteries in Whatcom County, Bayview. It was founded in 1887 in the town of Whatcom and the first burials took place in 1888. During this tour, we were treated to the history of the monuments of the founding families of our area, like the Eldridges, Roeders, and Bloedels.
Cemeteries have always been a super peaceful place for me to take a walk, not something scary or spooky like lives in legends or an episode of Buffy. My mother is a professional genealogist and taught me and my siblings a great respect for cemeteries and the dead from a young age.
John Raynolds 1866-1897
Henry Roeder, 1824-1902
Henry Roeder, 1824-1902
The tombstones speak to some people and tell stories of others. There are hundreds of people buried in this particular cemetery and thousands more buried around the country. I wonder what their stories are telling us.

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